St. John's

C of E Primary and Nursery School


Our Governoring Body

Mr Gavin Bowen (Chair) Date of appointment 1.9.19

Gareth Vesty (Vice Chair/Parent Governor) Date of appointment 8.4.19

Mrs Ellen Butcher (Associate Governor) Date of appointment 8.4.19

Dr. Richard Painter (Local Authority Governor) Date of appointment 22.1.19 (Awaiting confirmation of re-appointment)

Mrs Laura Jesson (Staff Governor) Date of appointment 12.10.22

Mrs Rachel Cooper (Parent Governor) Date of appointment 1.1.21

Mrs Lizzie Singh (Foundation Governor) Date of appointment 12.4.22

Mrs Donna Callloway (Headteacher)



Mr Keith Pincher. Stepped down 29.8.18

Mrs Kerry Johnson . Stepped down 7.10.21

Mrs Jenny Parkes (Associate Governor) Stepped down January 2022

Preb Paul Brown (Ex-officio Governor) Stepped down July 2022

Mr Matt Griffiths (Parent Governor) Stepped down October 2022


All governors have a 4 year term of office. 

Pecuniary Interests-none declared.

As an Associate Governor, Mrs Butcher does not have voting rights.



We are curently in the process of electing a Parent Governors


What do Governors Do?

The Governing Body's main aim is to help raise standards of achievement and make sure the school provides a good quality education.

The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the headteacher and staff. Rather than manage, Governors are there to help shape the school's future direction and focus.

Governors work as a team. Individual governors have no power or responsibility. It is only the full Governing Body which has legal duties and powers and all governors share in that corporate responsibility.

Governors are at the heart of how a school operates. It's important they get things right. How they do their job affects the interests of pupils, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community. They are not there to rubber stamp decisions. Governors are responsible for how the school is performing. They have to be prepared to support and challenge their Headteacher by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what's best for the pupils.


Our Committees

Curriculum And School Development

Gavin Bowen (Committee Chair), Donna Calloway, Laura Jesson, Matt Griffiths, Gareth Vesty, Rachel Cooper


Gareth Vesty (Committee Chair), Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Rachel Cooper


Donna Calloway, Richard Painter, Gavin Bowen (Committee Chair)

Premises/Health and Safety

Matt Griffiths (Committee Chair), Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Richard Painter

Religious Education/Worship

Lizzie Singh (Commitee Chair), Donna Calloway, Ellen Butcher


Disciplinary and Appeal Committees to be convened as required


Our Link Governors

English-Lizzie Singh

Maths- Gareth Vesty

Science-Matt Griffiths

SEND- Gareth Vesty

Pupil Premium- Gareth Vesty

Sports Premium- Ellen Butcher

Worship-PLizzie Singh

Health and Safety-Gavin Bowen, Matt Griffiths

Safeguarding/Prevent-Gavin Bowen

Headteacher's Performance Management-Gavin Bowen, Richard Painter



Attendance at Meetings

Headteacher's Performance Management 1.12.20

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Jenny Parkes

Premises (Health and Safety Audit) 7.1.21

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Matt Griffiths

Full Board 9.2.21

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Laura Jesson, Jenny Parkes, Gareth Vesty, Richard Painter,  Matt Griffiths, Richard Painter, Ellen Butcher

Full Board 7.10.21

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Jenny Parkes, Preb. Brown, Matt Griffiths, Gareth Vesty, Richard Painter

Headteacher's Performance Management 6.12.21

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Jenny Parkes

Premises/Health and Safety 5.1.22 

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Richard Painter, Matt Griffiths

Finance 17.2.22

Donna Calloway, Gareth Vesty, Rachel Cooper

Finance (Virtual Meeting) 6.1.22

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Gareth Vesty, Rachel Cooper

Full Board 27.1.22

Donna Calloway, Gavin Bowen, Gareth Vesty, Richard Painter, Rachel Cooper, Ellen Butcher

Full Board 25.5.22

Donna Calloway, Laura Jesson, Gavin Bowen, Gareth Vesty, Richard Painter, Lizzie Singh, Matt Griffiths