St. John's

C of E Primary and Nursery School

Our Topics


Why Do I Love You So Much?

Where Does Snow Go?

Fairy Tales

Am I the Fastest?

Why is Water Wet?

Class 1


Toys Now and in the Past


On the Farm


Seaside Now and in the Past

Class 2

Wriggle and Crawl / Local History Events/People/Places

Bright Lights, Big City / Materials

Beachcombers / Significant Individulas

Dinosaur Planet

Street Detectives

Class 3

Potions / 1066

Traders and Raiders / Sound

Tremors / Rocks

Burps, Bottoms and Bile / Local Area

Road Trip USA / Electricity

Tribal Tales

Class 4

Beast Creator / Tudors

Alchemy Island / Light

Blood Heart / Extended Chronological Study

Frozen Kingdon / Electricity

Scream Machine / UK Map Work