St. John's

C of E Primary and Nursery School

Pupil Premium


We receive funding for any pupil in receipt of Free School Meals, for those children who have had Free School Meals in the past 6 years, children who are adopted or live with foster parents. For the financial year 2021-22 we received £37,590. Schools are free to spend their Pupil Premium funding as they see fit.

2021-2022 Expenditure

  • Class support for Maths and English
  • Afternoon Intervention Groups
  • 1:1 Pecision Teaching 
  • 1:1 Teaching for Looked After pupils
  • Residential Outdoor Education 
  • School trips and workshops
  • Breakfast and After School Clubs



50% of our children receiving Pupil Premium Funding also have Special Educational Needs. Many of our children are not working on age related National Curriculum objectives. These children receive support for their Individual Education Plans to ensure that they are making progress against their personal targets.

The financial means to participate in extra-curricular clubs and school trips to enhance classroom learning is a further barrier. The school allocates Pupil Premium Funding to ensure that all pupils have equal access to such opportunities.

Measuring Impact

Baseline assessments are completed prior to interventions taking place. Chidlren are re-assessed on the completion of the intervention in order to measure the progress made.

Impact can also be measured using current assessment procedures (Accelerated Reader, Power Maths) to determine the level of progress made.


A review of our Pupil Premium Strategy is completed annually. Decisions regarding allocation of funding is discussed with Governors as part of the budget approval.